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2010 Louis Jadot Gevrey-Chambertin

pinot noir

Jadot wines are great bargains at Wegman’s due to their contract together. I often find wines that are only available at Wegman’s or at significantly reduced prices. I picked up this 2010 Gevrey-Chambertin a few months ago for $45. The cru wines will cost more but this village wine is honestly just as good is most cases. Last week we decided to get fancy with some lobster mac and cheese and this was the ideal pairing. The pinot noir blended nicely with the rich yet mild flavors of the meal. Lobster was on sale so I went big:

giant claw

colonelgrape: 94. A classic Gevrey-Chambertin. I really enjoy all the wines I’ve sampled to date from this village. A great red berry bouquet on the nose backed by a solid structure with just the right amount of tannis. This bottle could probably do with a few more years in the bottle but it was plenty approachable already. I think balanced pinots go best with mild-medium flavored dishes. They are drinkable with just about anything but I think they can be overpowered with something too spicy or bold. It cut through the rich yet delicate mac and cheese perfectly to make for a really nice meal. This is a very sophisticated French pinot.

MobyGrape: 92.  I don’t know if it was the delicious cheeses we were eating, the fact that I was done working the weekend, or that the heat broke and it no longer felt like you were walking into an armpit when you stepped outside but this wine perfectly hit the spot this evening.  Even though the cheese was mild I have a feeling it made the wine taste a bit different.  That said, I didn’t stop eating it not even for one second to cleanse my palate and try to actually taste the wine properly.  Either way it paired perfectly with what we were having (2 points to the Colonel) and it was awesome, so who cares!  It was clean, just a bit tart, and not annoying like other pinots I’ve had.  Excellent on a summer day when you don’t want a chilled white or a beer instead

2010 Louis Jadot Nuits-Saint-Georges


A fun village level Burgundy I picked up from Wegmans recently. UncleGrape mentioned tasting 2011 barrel samples of Jadot and that the 2010 was a much stronger vintage. The picture doesn’t accurately reflect the color, it’s much more translucent and a beautiful garnett, reddish purple color, but still darker than the average pinot noir. It’s not cheap…I found it for $40.00 at Wegmans and I’d consider that a good deal. Wegmans has a partnership with Jadot and often offer the best prices and good selection on Jadot wines.

colonelgrape: 94. Black fruit, earth, and licorice on the nose. The tannis were plentiful but blended in with the fruit and felt finer…like powdered sugar vs. raw sugar…giving it a firm but just right structure with a great finish. I think this bottle is definitely overachieving for it’s price range. We’ve had Burgundy for 2-3x this price and this bottle was just as good. I highly recommend this bottle especially if you get it under $50.

MobyGrape: 90. I didn’t really enjoy my first Burgundy and since then I immediately cringe when I hear we’re having another one.  It’s like the time I had a stomach bug when I was little and thought eating a quesadilla would be a good idea.  I promptly threw it up, and needless to say it took a few years before I was ready to tackle a quesadilla again.  Granted the first Burgundy I tried wasn’t vomit-worthy, but it still left a bad taste in my mouth. I have to hand it to Louis, because my faith is being restored in Burgundy.  I think I’m at the point where I’m ready to order a Burgundy quesadilla off the menu again!  It had a little tartness to the end but it was a great match for chicken.  Not too light, but not overpowering.