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2011 Domaine de la Tonnellerie Sancerre

2011 domaine de la tonnellerie sancerre

We picked up this bottle at the Vin Bin Grand Opening the other day. Sancerre is in the Loire Valley located on the left bank of the Loire River across from Pouilly-Fume. Sancerre produces mostly Sauvignon Blanc however they do produce a small amount of Pinot Noir table wines. I’m a big fan of Loire Valley whites as they often have great terrior of limestone from being grown right on the river.

colonelgrape: 79. Very average bottle of Loire Valley Sauvignon Blanc. Didn’t have the limestone effect I was looking for…ended up being kind of flat. If it were a blind wine I wouldn’t have been able to identify it vs. a bottle from New Zealand. After tasting 40 wines at the tasting I think it’s safe to say our palates were compromised and we missed on this bottle. It’s not bad just not great and not worth $22. I’d pay $10 and be quite happy though.

MobyGrape: 75. I haven’t been in a sauvignon blanc place these days.  It was easy enough to drink, on the lighter side and crisp, but it had that sour-ish note that hasn’t been doing it for me lately.  Tasted a little chardonnay-pissy at first because we just didn’t want to wait to drink it, but once it was thoroughly chilled the flavor was better.