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(Note the strategically chosen glass with the wide open rim – I’ll explain later)

It’s been a while since I’ve taken the helm here and posted something, so hold on tight friends, this might not be pretty.  You know what is pretty though?  The delightful beverage Sangria.  I’ve searched far and wide for the perfect recipe, and one fine day I managed to get my hands on it.  The only problem is that it called for Fanta Limon, which, as it turns out, in the US is like trying to find a unicorn.  Every time I thought I saw it from afar in a supermarket soda aisle, I would run towards it (in slow motion, obviously), and it would turn out to be pineapple instead.  Thankfully, I have a wonderful friend who I can safely say has changed my life forever, because she gave me her recipe and it recreates the Fanta Limon flavor perfectly.  I’m not going to post the recipe because it’s not mine to share, but perhaps one day she’ll let me.  It may even result in world peace, much like the music of Wyld Stallyns.  A critical element of good sangria is the fruit in it.  You want fruits that are going to not only enhance the flavor, but really soak it up.  It’s ok, I’ve totally convinced myself that fishing your fingers around in the glass like a wild animal to eat the fruit is always classy.  My recommendation would be apples (you could probably get away with any type, but I find something crisper like a Granny Smith works best) and orange slices.  I think sangria may be a close second in the race for drinks that just make me happy, plain and simple.  Of course champagne/sparkling wine related beverages would probably take the top seat, but sangria is fruity, it’s fun, it makes me feel like I’m at a barbeque in July even if I’m drinking it in the middle of winter.  You’ll be hard-pressed to find a situation where it’s inappropriate. Attempting to get dinner ready and not burn the house down?  Pour yourself a glass of sangria!  Feel guilty about opening a bottle of wine immediately after work?  No need to feel guilty here, the pitcher is always open!