2007 Bosquet des Papes CdP


Since we’re just starting out we’re going to be playing catch up for a while on our dinners and wines…let’s get started! The other night we made spaghetti and meatballs with homemade tomato sauce. MobyGrape did a fantastic job on the meatballs and I got to play with my new immersion blender. With it we had an amazing 2007 Chateauneuf du Pape from Bosquet des Papes. I’ve heard mixed things about the 2007 CdP vintage. My aunt said it was a hot year in Rhone so the grapes were more ripe and that made for a lot of differing opinions. Some feel it made for a legendary vintage while others feel it made the wine too different and it should be avoided. While it may not be a classic example of CdP this Bosquet des Papes was probably one of the best wines we’ve tasted all year. Also considering the $35 price tag when compared to $50-$100+ for other producers this bottle is a great value. If you’re looking to try something different but don’t want to spend a fortune look no further.

colonelgrape: 97. Mild almost raisin like smell. Extremely smooth with tastes of graphite and dark fruit. Drinkable alone or with a meal, paired beautifully with meatballs. Excellent wine, one of the best tasted in 2012.

MobyGrape:  95. Sweet, sweet, mechanical #2 pencil this is a winner. Very smooth with that (seriously, sweet) hint of pencil. Drink this with any meal, like breakfast would be fine. And someone get me a magnum of this!

2 thoughts on “2007 Bosquet des Papes CdP

  1. Man Fuel

    I don’t know anything at all about wine and while I’ve definitely had my fair share of biting on pencils in elementary school, I have no idea how one gets that flavor into wine. Is it from the soil? Should I consider using pencils to stir my wine for an added boost in flavor?


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