2007 Le Cascavel Cotes du Ventoux

So this is my first stab at the “official” wine review post….I doubt this is going to be comfortable for anyone so you might want to make sure you have a drink when you read this.  I didn’t even take this picture of the bottle, that’s how much of a hack I am.  Actually the first picture I pasted was a completely different wine, and the one in here is a different year.  I could promise these will get better, but I’d most definitely be lying.  I’ll probably just leave them to the Colonel from now on.  Anyways, back to the wine.  Clearly, it’s a French wine, which means it thinks it’s better than you.  I’m also told it’s aged in concrete instead of wooden barrels.  If you want to know more about that process Google it and then let me know.  I think that’s pretty neat, apparently these grapes rubbed someone with  mob connections the wrong way and wound up getting aged with the fishes.  Aside from needing to contribute something useful to this blog, This review holds a special place in my heart because it was the first “official” one we ever did.  I wish I could say I’ve grown since then.

colonelgrape:  78. A nice initial taste but a plain/flat finish. Mild aftertaste hints of raisins. Would be good with a light-medium non-red meat meal.

MobyGrape:  84. Doesn’t grab your grundle enough to drink with a nice steak, but it will tickle you enough to have with an average meal or have on its own.  Hints of concrete and fruit.

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