2011 Roagna Dolcetto d’Alba


I picked this bottle up at Wine Library our last trip down to New Jersey for $18. Moby wasn’t around for a couple nights so I decided this was going to be my evening entertainment. I ordered a pepperoni pizza and sat down to watch some hockey and drink some wine.

colonelgrape: 89. This wine really surprised me. The first bottle of Dolcetto I had was a bright, fruity, acid bomb that was very odd. It didn’t really strike my fancy and certainly not Moby’s. When I was at Wine Library I wanted to pick up a good bottle to give it another chance and it was certainly different. This was a spicy bottle with a fair amount of tannins. Black fruit and tar, yes tar, on the palate but in a good way…it tastes very earthy. Definitely a bottle that would benefit from some decanting. It actually didn’t go well with the pizza at all and if I knew the flavor profile before I tried it I definitely would have had something else. That being said I think it’s a delicious wine I just had it in the wrong setting. If you see a bottle under $20 grab it and have it with a nice big meal.

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