Barefoot Bubbly Pink Moscato


Picture it…Alone on a Saturday night…40 re-runs of your favorite show on the dvr, a pound of hamburger in the fridge…A bottle of pink bubbly in the fridge…What to do?  Cue the MacGuyver theme song.  If you’re anything like me you most certainly did not create an explosive device out of those three things.  More like you found yourself camped out in front of the television for an entire evening after concocting some sort of Frankenmeatsauce on pasta while drinking a bottle of this stuff.  I bought it because gosh darn it I wanted the most ridiculous, girly, bottle of fizzing garbage I could find.  Look no further than pink Moscato Champagne from Barefoot Bubbly.  On a side note, I just heard the Colonel softly weeping somewhere because the label says Champagne.  I had tried the green one before, and it was fine, but then I looked at the sweetness scale on the back of the bottle (no, I’m not making that up) and saw that there was something sweeter!  I had to have it.  So I got the pink one.  Yes, I know it sounds like I’m talking about Play-Doh.  About halfway through the bottle I thought I may have sprouted a second vagina because it’s just so pink and bubbly and ridiculous.  While it wasn’t my favorite (believe it or not I thought it would be sweeter), it was certainly enough fun for a night where you don’t feel like taking anything too seriously, including yourself.

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