2007 Guido Porro Barolo Vigna Lazzairasco

2007 Guido Porro Barolo Vigna Lazzairasco

Hello Piedmont, I’ve missed you. This bottle is another treat from Ian at Wine Library. Last time we spoke I mentioned I was looking for some good value Barolo’s and this bottle is $40. Normally I’m pro trying wines just by buying and trying with basic knowledge but like Bordeaux’s it’s important to do some research on a Barolo before you buy it because you can easily overpay for a lesser bottle. With typical prices ranging from $40-ridiculous I’d recommend talking to a trusted friend at the store or a trusted website (Grapestorm!) thinks before you buy. Everyone should drink Barolo, it’s that good, just be sure to do your homework!

colonelgrape: 93. One thing I enjoy about a Barolo is the color.  Swirling, smelling, and inspecting Barolo’s is a lot of fun. This bottle has the classic translucense and brick red color of aged Nebbiolo grapes. Leather, red fruit, tar, and anise come through. It’s a young wine so the tannis are still firm but there’s enough acid and flavor to make it approachable now. We only decanted it for about 20 minutes but I’d recommend decanting a solid hour. This should get better with time in the cellar and for $40 it’s a fantastic bargain.

MobyGrape: 89. It was up to me to pick the Barolo for the evening so naturally, the one named Guido was the obvious choice.  I’ve gotten so used to wines that look muddy it was weird to pour a clear brick colored one.  It didn’t decant for long, and may have been a bit tannin-y up front, but it mellowed out after a while.  As much as I want to insert an obvious Jersey Shore joke about tanning, I’ll restrain myself.  If you’re looking for a solid wine for a solid Italian meal, this Guidette wouldn’t look much farther.  GTL.

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