2011 Mer Soleil Silver Chardonnay

2011 Mer Soleil Silver Chardonnay

A very interesting bottle of Chardonnay. It’s an un-oaked California that drinks more like a Chablis. It’s aged in steel and cement vats instead of oak which gives it that French profile. The vineyard got creative with the cement looking ceramic bottle which is kind of cool. Definitely no light messing with this wine on the shelf. This is the second cement wine we’ve reviewed and the first white. Something tells me it won’t be the last though…

colonelgrape: 92. I really enjoyed this bottle. I’ve been looking for a California Chardonnay that we both like and we’ve finally found one. Not suprisingly it’s one that tastes like it’s from France! This wine was a nice gold color and had a big nose of tropical fruit, minerals, and apple. On the palate it had medium body and the acidity was medium-high…it had good tartness. Apple, pear, peach, pineapple…lots going on. We enjoyed it with a traditional boiled dinner and it stood up to the fattiness of the meat and was light enough it didn’t overwhelm the vegetables. This would definitely be good alternative to Sauvignon Blanc if you’re looking for something with more pop and body with any light-medium seafood or chicken dish such as salmon, clams in white wine sauce, baked chicken, etc.

MobyGrape: Chardonnay – 92.  No, that’s not a typo.  We finally found a chardonnay that doesn’t taste like piss!  Hallelujah!  Found this puppy at a tasting recently, I was ready to make my chardonnay face as the guy started talking about the wine.  But, miraculously, it was delicious!  It was fruity, crisp, just tart enough to be interesting, and I can’t stress this enough, did not taste like the sour ass I normally associate with chardonnay.  I think I’m digging on this aging in cement/steel barrel business.  It’s edgy.  I like it.  Next thing I know I’ll have a ring of chardonnay grapes tattooed around my bicep.

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