2011 Silvio Giamello Nebbiolo Vila Gentiana

2011 Silvio Giamello Villa Gentiana

This past week we’ve been introduced to younger Nebbiolo and I’m on board for the long haul. I used to always think of Nebbiolo like Cabernet in that it needed time for the tannins to mellow out but that’s not always the case. It’s true that Good Barolo and Barbaresco will often be more approachable with age like a good Cabernet however there are young Nebbiolos to be found at bargain prices that make great weeknight wines. This 2011 Silvio Giamello Nebbiolo is a perfect example. It does have some tannin but it’s very approachable and full of floral, earth, spice, and dark fruit notes. It’s young and alive on the palate and a little in your face vs. an aged, sophisticated, and complex Barolo. The best part is it’s only $20 wheras a quality Barolo or Barbaresco is going to run you at least $50. This is a very differenet way to experience Nebbiolo and something you can keep in your cellar for a nice hearty Italian dish on a weeknight where you don’t want to go crazy.

1 thought on “2011 Silvio Giamello Nebbiolo Vila Gentiana

  1. sassiitalytours

    Sounds like a good one to add to the list…thankfully the nebbiolos let you get a taste of just how wonderful the varietal can be without needing a celebrity’s wine budget.


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