Sake and Sushi

Moby and I have been on a sushi kick lately but we have been going to the restaurant instead of getting take out. That being said they don’t exactly have a good Champagne selection so we’ve been having Sake. I don’t know much about Sake other than it’s delicious, I’m always up for it, and it should be served chilled. Warm Sake is very “American” and when ordered you’ll almost always get the cheap stuff and cheap sake is awful.

Nigori Genshu Sake

This was Moby’s first and my second experience with unfiltered sake and it was fantastic! I’m not sure the picture does the texture justice but it was thicker than the last time I had it. It had whole milk thickness but grainer consistency even after a good stir. The flavor was excellent though and it was quite an experience. I don’t think it’s for everyone but it’s definitely worth trying at least once.

Osakaya Chobei Sake (2)

This was a more traditional bottle. Obviously everything in Japanese but you can make out the name or region (not sure which) at the bottom in English: Osakaya Chobei. This was truly outstanding, one of the best bottles I’ve had in recent memory. Light, mild fruit taste, smooth finish, just an all around delicious bottle.

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