The Corona Challenge

Corona and Brie

What happens in the middle of summer when you just don’t feel like wine?  On the one night that happens in the Grapestorm house you investigate the hotly debated question of whether Corona Extra is better than Corona Light.  On one hand, it’s summer and you want something light and refreshing, so Corona is naturally an excellent choice.  That said, wouldn’t it be lighter and refreshing-ier to enjoy a Corona Light?  Welcome to the Corona Taste Test Challenge, where we held a side-by-side comparison of the two.  To make it more interesting, we made baked brie in a breadbowl to have with it.  Mostly because it was my night to get dinner started and I put zero thought into what we were eating and drinking.  Actually we used Vermont camembert and it was excellent.  But back to the beer, they shared a similar golden-yellow color, except the light version has something like 50 fewer calories per bottle (obviously that was our main concern, what with the giant wad of bread and melted cheese in the background).  As it turns out Corona and baked camembert aren’t exactly a match made in heaven, but it was fine with me because they’re both pretty amazing and I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t have a refined palate.  Bottom line?  Our final expert analysis was that if you’re thirsty and plan on putting back a few beers on a hot summer day you should go with the Corona Light.  If you want something more flavorful and are feeling a little more modest, reach for the Corona Extra.

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