Baldacci Family Vineyards

Napa Ferrari 308 cropped

This was the last tasting we had scheduled for the trip on the day we met up with friends.  It was unfortunate because quite frankly the experience here sucked.  It was somewhat commercial, not at all personal, bordering rude.  Took them a while to find the appointment (no problem, it’s busy, that’s a good sign, right?) and we stayed indoors at the bar area to hopefully chat about the wines.  One of the family’s sons was pouring the wines (that’s cool too, figured we’d get to hear interesting tidbits) but the most interesting thing we learned was which son he was on the old family portrait.  Guess what I didn’t want to learn about on this trip?  Actually he didn’t even tell us, we overheard it while he was chatting with another couple. Every time we were poured a wine, the explanation was rehearsed, succinct, and I swear half of it was delivered over his shoulder as he was walking away from us.  My abandonment issues aside, the one positive thing I’ll say about the tasting was that there was a water cooler in the corner where you could help yourself, so I may have drank about a gallon of water compliments of Baldacci while being ignored and trying to get rid of the bad taste the rest of the experience left in my mouth.  I’ll admit we did purchase one wine, a 2007 cabernet that didn’t taste like your average cab from that year, but I was a tough sell, honestly I didn’t want to spend any more money there than we did on the tasting itself.  Go if you want, maybe you’ll have a better time with a different brother but I won’t be going back there again.  I don’t even know/care if it was appointment only, and we didn’t really check out the view past the 1983 Ferrari 308 GTS parked in the lot that The Colonel was drooling over.

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