La Luna Market and Taqueria

Napa la luna

As the conversation naturally drifted from wine to its best friend food at Neyers, we were told that we had to visit La Luna for lunch that day on our way to the next winery.  Apparently our cheese and bread weren’t going to cut it after chatting about everything we liked to eat.  I’m voting this the hidden gem of the trip, it was completely unexpected and absolutely delicious.  Tucked away in the back of a nondescript mini-mart style building, we arrived just in time before the lunch line piled up to order our tacos.  Al pastor, carne asada, lengua, and carnitas were on the menu for The Colonel and I and we weren’t let down by a single meaty, juicy, perfectly seasoned bite.  Ridiculously priced at $1.75 each, we stuffed our faces with our cheapest and most authentic meal of the trip.  If you go to Napa and you enjoy food you need to go here, period.

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