Tres Sabores Winery

tres sabores 1tres sabores moose

Simply put: Wow. This is what I want in a wine tasting. It’s well off the beaten path which we liked and when we pulled up the wine maker/owner, Julie, and her husband were having lunch outside which they promptly offered us and it was all delicious. Gorgeous view, they had tables set up and shade with big trees covered a perfect picnic spot. We chatted with Julie, her husband, and our guide for a good while. They have 2 gorgeous golden retrievers that were incredibly friendly, one (Moose, seen above) even has his own business card as a public relations employee which was too funny. We had a few wines, then took some back to the farm area where they had sheep, hens, and baby hens. We fed the sheep some bread, tried some Zin off the vine, checked out their garden full of fruit and veggies, as well as tons of pomegranate trees planted all over the property. We went into their wine cave and watched some workers cleaning barrels. A very intimate setting, personal tour, lots of information and good conversation. The wine was fantastic…we liked all of it. Our friends bought some Zin while we got the Rose and Por Que No….a blend of just about everything. Cab, merlot, zin, petite syrah…weird sounding but very delicious. We had packed a nice lunch and Julie was happy to let us stay and enjoy our picnic. She even brought over some chocolate to enjoy with the petite syrah. Overall this was head and shoulders our best experience in Napa and an absolute must see. We will definitely be going back next time we’re in Napa. Tres Sabores is appointment only so call ahead and bring lunch!

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