2009 Domaine Durieu Chateauneuf du Pape


We were only planning on opening two bottles during our dinner but we were way ahead of schedule so I went downstairs and came up with a CdP. I was going to grab a Montepulciano d’Abruzzo to stick with our Italian theme but I wanted our guest to experience something different…but not this different. This was not a great CdP. This is the second and probably last 2009 I’m going to buy.

MobyGrape: 68. This smelled like a condom. I know I kid around a lot, but there were some serious eau de Trojan going on. And I really just couldn’t get past that. I was hoping it would go away after a while, or I wouldn’t notice it if I actually drank it instead of just sniffing at it, but that odor was still there and quite frankly ruined the whole thing for me. Fellas, if you’re trying to impress a special lady on a date by whipping this one out, she’ll pick up what you’re putting down, but don’t be surprised if she’s not into it. I feel like I’ve avoided so many obvious jokes in this review that I deserve some sort of prize.

colonelgrape: 65. How can I follow that? In all honesty when we were drinking it I was sitting there trying my best to defend it since I love CdP. However thinking about it more and more it just simply wasn’t a good example at all. I didn’t get the condom smell, yes we opened one up to compare, but everyone else did. I can’t give much useful tasting info after a long night but I do remember it being much more tart and just plain. Good CdP should be complex, structured, and exciting…this was not good CdP.

Guest Opinion: I was amazed at first wtih how accurate Mobygrape’s assessment of the condom smell was, but as I got more drunk, I started to question it, especially after smelling a real condom for comparison.  I wasn’t too fond of the flavor, but it definitely improved when drinking with the meal, although that might have also been me just enjoying the food.

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