Trivet Progress


One good thing about having a wine “problem” is an abundance of cork! Here you can see me working on a glass of chianti before our wine dinner adding a layer to the trivet. Believe it or not there’s a method to our madness here. On the left I have a pile of corks from cheap/not so good wines we’ve drank and on the right our corks from very nice bottles. I started with a nice big champagne cork in the center and am surrounding it with our cheap wine corks. The outer layers will have the nice wine corks so we can see the labeling and make it look awesome. Basically I’m just taking standard wood glue and doing a layer at a time. I’m using 3 rubber bands to hold it together while the glue is drying. The secret is not using too much glue and having good tight rubber bands. Wood glue takes 12 hours to dry so it’s not a quick process but you can always add more layers before it’s completely dry. When you’re done you’ll have a durable trivet that has some character and should last forever! Stay tuned for the final product.

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