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My nose’s weekend in NJ

Even though I was under the weather, I was happily along for the fantastic voyage to NJ. Despite my sneezing and snotting on everyone and everything, I wouldn’t have missed this trip for the world. No mere mortal cold could kep me from having every drop of wine possible. It was exactly what the doctor ordered. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to contribute much to rating each wine (but really, do I ever?) other than “I can sort of taste this one more than the last one *sniffle sniffle*” but here’s what I can rate for you:

tissue box

So this is your basic box of regular tissues. No aloe or lotion in them, so it wasn’t like wiping your nose with a cloud, but still a solid tissue. These came in the car with us for the journey and didn’t let me down.

Pocket tissues

Now these guys have the market on convenience, and even though they’re brand name, it was still a bit like wiping your nose with sandpaper after you’ve used 10 of them in the span of 2 minutes. You’re going to wind up with some serious tissue nose, or looking like you have some sort of skin disease or drug problem if you don’t get your schnoz hooked up with something better. There was a lot of disgusting snot recalling to avoid having to use these.

Despite the boogers it was a fantastic weekend, one I’m hoping to repeat with clear sinuses next time.

Wine Library



This past weekend Moby and I took a road trip down to NJ to visit my Aunt and Uncle. We had a great time and had some truly fantastic food and wine. One of the highlights of the trip was getting to visit the Wine Library. Definitely the biggest wine store I’ve ever been to, it was wine paradise. We saw some crazy expensive wine ranging from a $2,200 bottle of red bordeaux to a $12,000 big bottle in the wine cave. We got to meet the director of wines and also try some fantastic cheeses. I’d recommend visiting their website if you want to learn more and see for yourself: 

Wine Library website:

Stay tuned for some trip related posts!

Trivet Progress


One good thing about having a wine “problem” is an abundance of cork! Here you can see me working on a glass of chianti before our wine dinner adding a layer to the trivet. Believe it or not there’s a method to our madness here. On the left I have a pile of corks from cheap/not so good wines we’ve drank and on the right our corks from very nice bottles. I started with a nice big champagne cork in the center and am surrounding it with our cheap wine corks. The outer layers will have the nice wine corks so we can see the labeling and make it look awesome. Basically I’m just taking standard wood glue and doing a layer at a time. I’m using 3 rubber bands to hold it together while the glue is drying. The secret is not using too much glue and having good tight rubber bands. Wood glue takes 12 hours to dry so it’s not a quick process but you can always add more layers before it’s completely dry. When you’re done you’ll have a durable trivet that has some character and should last forever! Stay tuned for the final product.

Wine Dinner!


We had a good friend from California over for dinner and wine. We made a lasagna, garlic bread, stuffed mushrooms, and shrimp cocktail with Moby’s famous cocktail sauce. Of course we started drinking before anything happened and here’s what we drank:

2011 Gabbiano Chianti with the shrimp and while cooking.

2007 Aurellio Settimo Barolo with the mushrooms and starting dinner.

2009 Domaine Durieu Chateaunuef du Pape to finish off the night

We though about having a glass of port to close off the night but after a bottle of wine each we couldn’t go any further. Everyone had a great time and the food was excellent. Stay tuned for a review of each wine!

I’ve been told I need to title my posts

I realize I haven’t given any reviews below 80 yet, partly because I feel guilty.  Like if I give it a bad grade it’s going to stay behind, and then it will forever be the wine that spent 3 years in the second grade.  But if I told every wine it was smart and gave it hugs I’d be doing them and you a disservice, and that wouldn’t be fair to anyone.  So from now on, I’m going to be Tough, but Fair MobyGrape!

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