My nose’s weekend in NJ

Even though I was under the weather, I was happily along for the fantastic voyage to NJ. Despite my sneezing and snotting on everyone and everything, I wouldn’t have missed this trip for the world. No mere mortal cold could kep me from having every drop of wine possible. It was exactly what the doctor ordered. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to contribute much to rating each wine (but really, do I ever?) other than “I can sort of taste this one more than the last one *sniffle sniffle*” but here’s what I can rate for you:

tissue box

So this is your basic box of regular tissues. No aloe or lotion in them, so it wasn’t like wiping your nose with a cloud, but still a solid tissue. These came in the car with us for the journey and didn’t let me down.

Pocket tissues

Now these guys have the market on convenience, and even though they’re brand name, it was still a bit like wiping your nose with sandpaper after you’ve used 10 of them in the span of 2 minutes. You’re going to wind up with some serious tissue nose, or looking like you have some sort of skin disease or drug problem if you don’t get your schnoz hooked up with something better. There was a lot of disgusting snot recalling to avoid having to use these.

Despite the boogers it was a fantastic weekend, one I’m hoping to repeat with clear sinuses next time.

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