2009 Groth Cabernet Sauvignon


Last night we had grilled steak tips with red potatoes and an old standby, Groth Cabernet. You can find it on sale for $40 but it typically sells between $50-$60. Moby will tell you our Groth story:

MobyGrape: 88.  Drinking this wine is like getting a hug from an old friend.  It’s inviting, it’s solid, and it leaves you wanting another.  I guess it’s tanniny?  It does leave you a bit dry after the sip, but not in a bad way.  I find it makes me want more.  I’ve been having a hard time using my grown up wine words lately and differentiating between that and acidity, but I think acid is more like a bitter assault on your mouth.  Regardless, this is one of my favorite cabs that we’ve ever tried.  We found it by eavesdropping on a couple people that seemed well off who ordered it at one of our favorite restaurants.  Then we found it on the menu and it was stupid expensive and bought it at a store for a fraction of the price.  But anyways the wine – I find it pretty smooth, not winey (even though it’s young, so I’m told), we had it with steak and certainly holds its own but I don’t have a problem drinking it by itself, either.  The longer it sits out the more tang it gets.  It’s just a great all around wine, let’s leave it at that.

colonelgrape: 92. This is a traditional “cab n’ slab” wine…it screams “eat me with steak.” Everything you’d expect from a big California Cabernet: big tannis, big fruit flavor and good structure. Find the fattiest steak you can, crack open a bottle of Groth, and you are on your way. This wine is perfect for aging, I have a bottle of 07, 08, and 09 I intend to age for at least 10 years, but it’s good enough to drink now as well.

Bonus potato recipe: I think these potatoes are a great way to mix up the standard potato: using red potatoes, peel and slice them into 1/8 inch thick bite sized pieces, make an aluminum foil pouch for them, a few chunks of butter, salt and pepper. Seal up the pouch so it can be flipped (this is important) and throw it on the grill on medium heat. We make about 5 medium sized red potatoes for the two of us and they grill for about 15-20 mins on one side and 5-10 min on the other. I usually start these on the grill about 10-15 mins before the steak. When they are done they will be soft and delicious with one side being golden brown. They stick to the foil sometimes but don’t be afraid to work them off, those are the best bites!

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