2008 Felsina Chianti Classico



I’m not a Chianti expert, I only know the basics: It’s typically 75-100% sangiovese with the remainder made up of caniolo, cabernet sauvignon, merlot, or syrah. There are 4 tiers: Chianti, Chianti Classico, and Chianti Riserva, Chianti Classico Riserva. Chianti Classico is a sub-region of Chianti where they originally started making the wine. The higher you go on the list the older, pricier, and supposedly better the wine…blah blah blah. I would have continued my research if I actually liked the wine but it’s just not good! I think it’s safe to after our last few Chianti experiences I won’t be purchasing any more any time soon.

colonelgrape: 30. The only thing this wine was better than this year was the Beaujolais Nouveau.  I did some research on this bottle after our last Chianti experience and numerous people claimed this to be their favorite bottle of Classico. That being said I actually thought the first smell and sip were palatable but then came an overwhelming taste of rubber. I wish I had something more intelligent to say but It was literally like taking a cup of rubber bands, pouring wine on it, drinking it, and then chewing on the bands….simply awful. We each tried a few more sips to see if we could make it work but ended up dumping the bottle and moving on. I would rather take $18 out of my wallet and light it on fire than drink this wine again.

MobyGrape: 50.  Smelled like alcohol, and tasted like rubber, as though you opened a fresh bag of rubber bands and stuck your face in it.  I had to review the rating scale for this one just to figure out how to score awful.  Next.

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