2008 Marina Cvetic Montepulciano


73: What the hell, 2008!  You took a perfectly fine wine and ruined it!  I had this one at dinner the other evening and wowed my dinner companion by proudly ordering the 2007 Cvetic from the menu.  I then proceeded to horrify my dinner companion by sending the waitress back to the kitchen when they brought out the 2008.  When regaling one of my friends with this story they called me “GrapeDick”, which may have to be my pseudonym for when I give bad reviews.  Anyways, sadly they were out of 2007 but I figured we’d try the 2008 anyways, and found myself increasingly annoyed as the night went on.  It started out all right, it was rustic and kind of leathery, but where the 2007 smoothed out as it sat, this one seemed to get incredibly pissed off that someone was drinking it.  It somehow had a sour finish, maybe I was able to taste it more since I ate my meal already, but I did not really enjoy it without food.

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